Review of Agatha Christie’s ‘The Secret Adversary’


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Book Title: The Secret Adversary

Author: Agatha Christie

Genre: Crime fiction/ Detective Mystery


  • Investigators:Tommy Beresford, Tuppence (Prudence Cowley)
  • Jane Finn
  • Julius Hersheimer: Millionaire from America and cousin of Jane Finn
  • Carter: Skilled in intelligence services
  • Sir James Peel Edgerton: Renowed Criminologist
  • Rita Marguerite Vandemeyer, Mr. Whittington: Members of conspirators
  • Brown: Elusive leader of the conspirators


In the prelude to the story, a man named Denvers, handovers important papers of national significance to a young woman on board, as she is more likely to survive the sinking ship. Later both the papers and the woman, Jane Finn, go missing. The entire story revolves around finding the papers and Jane Finn.

Mystery unveiled: Sir James Peel Edgerton is the elusive Mr. Brown

My take on the story:

The first of Tuppence and Tommy, although not my favourite characters of Agatha’s creation. The elusive ‘Jane Finn’ and the omnipresent yet invisible ‘Mr.Brown. Engaging read but nothing so mysterious. Perhaps would have been mysterious keeping in mind the era it was written in. But with the exposure to such James Bond type themes through movies and books, the story seemed banal to me.